If you do not have enough time as well ability to work out at the gym, then these below 10 apps for fitness training are definitely tailored for you. 

These apps will not only help you to have inspiration for fitness but also quickly drop the pounds and get in shape.

  1. Sworkit Lite – Your daily personal fitness coach

Sworkit Lite is a mobile app that is super comfortable for your training at home. It provides a wide range of fitness programs and exercises for those who want to fit in. Users can choose different types of training such as yoga, pilates, cardio or HIIT.., then set time and follow the instruction video of famous personal coaches. It will not only help you to save money which might have been a fee for the gym but also follow your own training process every day. Sworkit can also remind you of training time to help you stick to the fitness goals as most as possible.


  1. Nike Training Club – Fitness club for women


This app is specially tailored for women. To start the fitness journey, you can download the app Nike Training Club on your phone, there will be hundreds of exercises, ranging from beginner to intermediate and advanced levels. First of all, you need to opt for the closest goal: losing weight or becoming more vigorous or simply to have a higher level of focusing… With each goal, there will be different programs being set up to suit your ability and health status. You will be guided through videos. 



  1. Gym training app – JEFIT

This is well-known as the top 1 gym training app especially tailored for men. You can easily download the app and start your own gym plans without going to the gym. Without Jefit, you can effortlessly set up different training exercises for specific muscles such as chest, shoulder or back…

Download: Android, IOS