3 apps for playing sports at home

ProFit-Personal trainer

Pro Fit is designed to replace the personal fitness trainer — this is stated in the app name in the App Store. The developers promise more than 350 “effective exercises for various muscle groups”, their detailed descriptions, photo and video guides on how to perform them, and visualization of the muscles involved in the exercise. In addition, the app has a built-in training log, timer, calendar and the ability to track your progress using interactive charts.

Immediately after launch, the app offers you to choose where you will train-at home or in the gym. In the current reality, we are interested, of course, only in the first option. Then Pro Fit determines the goal of sports-losing weight, maintaining muscle tone, or increasing muscle strength-and offers to enter personal data: gender, age, weight, and height. You need to specify which muscle groups, in your opinion, lag behind the rest — they will be emphasized when calculating the exercise program.

Unfortunately, the free part of the training plan ends here, because then Pro Fit requires you to purchase a subscription for one (1550 ₽) or three months (3890 ₽). Without payment, I could not use at least one function — you can not even just see what are the exercises for different muscle groups. It turns out that the app will be useless for those who do not plan to spend money on sports at home. However, Pro Fit has a three-day trial period — this will at least help determine whether it is worth paying for it.

Workout Trainer

Workout Trainer was recognized as the best app for sports in the Roskachestvo study in 2018. Then it received the highest score for scientific information and the number of training sessions, including without sports equipment. In the app, you can use audio and video instructions and recommendations from professional trainers about the course of exercises. In addition, Workout Trainer has sections for fans of crossfit and TABATA training.

Keep in mind that Workout Trainer is not Russified. The vocabulary in the sports app does not require any professional level of language, but for those who do not know English at all, this can be a big obstacle. But the Android version of the app supports Google Fit. Workout Trainer specifies how often you exercise, what goal you set for yourself, and what types of exercises you prefer — and the list of these types is very long. As with Pro Fit, Workout Trainer asks you to sign up for a paid subscription that will open access to training programs, but it is significantly cheaper — 529 ₽ / month or 4050 ₽ / year. In addition, a trial period that lasts a week is available.

In General, Workout Trainer has bribed me with a wide range of functionality and training in different ways. But just because of this, the app will be difficult to understand for a beginner who decided to take up sports for the first time. And the lack of Russification is still quite a significant disadvantage for an application where you need to clearly follow the instructions.

adidas Training

In adidas Training, you can develop your own individual training in a special constructor. The app has exercise programs for various purposes — weight loss, weight gain, keeping the body in shape or good stretching. In adidas Training, you can watch more than 180 videos in HD quality, which, in addition, are displayed on a large screen — however, this requires an Apple TV or at least an iPad.

Like other apps, adidas Training starts with a standard set of questions: gender, age, weight, purpose of training and degree of training. Personally, I liked the interface — it is intuitive and simple, there is nothing superfluous in it, unlike Workout Trainer. In addition, at the very beginning, it specifies what exactly prevents you from playing sports — lack of knowledge, motivation, instructions, support, or a busy schedule.

There is still a paid rate — it gives you access to additional training programs and premium features, but the app does not impose its purchase. The cost of a paid subscription is 599 ₽ per month or 2990 ₽ per year. It also unlocks premium features in another Adidas app, Runtastic, designed for running

It’s cool that in adidas Training you can try to practice almost completely without a subscription — after authorization, several dozen standard exercises and programs are available, and all functions are unlocked, including tracking progress using graphs. Among the additional advantages of adidas Training are full-fledged tips on healthy nutrition and the ability to view photos in the “before/after” format of other users, as well as share your own.