3 best gym workout apps

When training in the gym, it is difficult to keep in memory information about the number of workouts, approaches and exercises performed. The regularity of classes and tracking the load are important criteria for obtaining results. Working out in the gym under the guidance of a trainer is more effective. But if this is not possible, mobile applications can easily replace it.

  1. Your coach
    The application with the most complete information about independent training in the gym. The content has a lot of exercises for working out different muscle groups. The programs are divided according to the set goal: gaining muscle mass, lean body, weight loss and versatile training. Women are offered classes in face building, crossfit, stretching. The articles in the app provide a wealth of useful information on diet and other fitness topics. The prepared training plans are designed for different training levels. There are also special ones, for example, for pregnant women. The ability to add your own training program. The application does not require an internet connection, except for downloading large format videos.

2.iGym Pro
iGym Pro is a complete electronic trainer. The lesson diary allows you to monitor progress, make schedules. Paid programs to achieve specific goals. Graphs and charts that display training statistics allow you to track your results. A wide range of ready-made training programs If you wish, you can create your own, taking into account the result you want to get. The timer will allow you to control the time allotted for training and enter the data of each approach in an individual log. A huge selection of exercises for working out different muscle groups with a description of the execution technique and illustrations. Ability to schedule classes for the week.

    The app is perfect for beginners. Will help you master the basic bodybuilding techniques. Self-training with this application will allow you to get a lean and strong body. Each program lists the number of approaches, repetitions and days of the week when it is performed. Exercises for working out the whole body in the form of a list, where they are arranged alphabetically, which greatly facilitates the search. A detailed description of the exercise technique, animation and video format, allow you to avoid mistakes. Timer, accounting of results. For advanced athletes, paid programs are offered.