Fitbit Coach

Rating: 5.0

A well-known American manufacturer of wearable fitness electronics makes sure that branded gadgets are equipped with branded SOFTWARE. The Fitbit Coach app is a kind of extension of the functions of the original Fitbit Ace fitness bracelet, but it can be used as a self-sufficient product. Basic functionality is free, then-subscription at current rates. This is a comprehensive application that allows you to approach the issues of physical fitness, psychological state and health as consciously as possible. Fitbit Coach allows you to individually develop a training plan to achieve your goal, calculate the optimal diet for this, and, if necessary, connect individual consultations with specialists. The app is convenient to use in the format of audio or video training. The database contains a large set of thematic videos with explanations and exercises. All of them are logically and clearly sorted by category, so it’s not difficult to find the right techniques for certain muscle groups. This is actually the case, and it will significantly improve the accuracy of the app’s algorithms in diagnostics and recommendations. A separate area of application of Fitbit Coach is participation in online classes with professional trainers. There is a significant difference from videos with the same classes — direct contact with the coach in real time.

Nike + Training Club

Rating: 4.9

A program whose name includes a sports brand that is familiar to absolutely everyone — Nike. Indeed, this is a product of Nike, and several hundred available training programs are based on the recommendations of the company’s specialists, coaches, and professional athletes. The main advantage of NTC is the combination of a professional level of material with an affordable feed. For most of the exercises, you don’t even need any special sports equipment, so you can practice both at home and outdoors. The principle of operation of the program is as follows. At the very beginning, the program collects data about a person, and based on the obtained physical profile, it can already form the first recommendations with a selection of exercise complexes of different duration — 15, 30 and 45 minutes. In the choice of training, you can determine the direction-exercises for strength, endurance, or the development of stretch marks and mobility. Subtypes of complexes are available — short mini-workouts, classes without equipment, posture exercises, and so on. Almost each of the suggested options is subject to additional settings — exercise time, intensity, and so on. The high technical level of application development is visible immediately, at the first minutes of acquaintance with the program. The design is stylish, light, pleasant to the eye. Convenient and clear menu, high-quality photos and videos of content and design. The creative approach to content deserves special praise.


Rating: 4.8

The advantage of the program is that it minimizes the need for a special place and equipment for effective work on yourself. The descriptions emphasize that with the help of 8fit, you can develop a good shape and put your figure in order, even in the house, even in a hotel, even on the street. The application is based on a special technique that focuses on a soft, but forced change in lifestyle, the development of new habits. This is why there is such an emphasis on nutrition. And here, unlike many other fitness applications, programs for weight loss and sports are formed individually, taking into account the characteristics of each body. Their increased effectiveness in comparison with classical cardio training has been repeatedly proven. One such session can be flexibly stretched or compressed in time from 5 to 20 minutes. All 350 exercises in the app’s database also have their own difficulty levels. The program has a built-in pedometer that can sync with Google Fit. The basic functionality of 8fit is free and not nearly as limited as that of Fitbit Coach. To access special sets of exercises, you will need the paid Pro version.