3 useful Android apps for fans of big sports

Soccer Scores — FotMob
An interesting app for football fans. The active menu contains all the settings that determine the output of information to the main screen of the application. Here you can select the League that interests the user (currently more than 50 are supported), open a text broadcast of the current match, configure the “favorites” tab for quick access to tournament statistics, and of course — a news section that contains not only reviews of football battles, but also popular articles from various Internet resources.

The global settings of the application are used to fine-tune the parameters of output information. There you can also manage additional options, such as notification of the start of the broadcast and current events in the match.

The free version of the app does not have any functional restrictions, but you will need to purchase premium mode to disable ads.

UEFA.com App
Official app that works with the site’s database UEFA.com. Currently UEFA.com the App is probably the best solution for European football fans who care about international competitions. The developers have provided special sections for men’s, women’s, Junior, team and international tournaments, including the qualifying stages of Euro 2016.

To the main screen UEFA.com the App displays key events of the last competition days, photo and video reports, and various news articles. The active menu contains internal links to sections dedicated to football tournaments, and tabs for the main sections: news, videos, settings, and favorites. After selecting the section of interest, the player gets to the archive, where you can view statistics, schedules, standings, videos and audio podcasts.

The best thing about this app is that it provides access to the main information content for free. money is only asked for video broadcasts of competitions.

Official F1 App
The official mobile app for fans of the F1 racing series. Unlike a huge number of services, the Official F1 App is a truly standalone product that uses only official competition statistics. During race weekends, the main screen of the app turns into a real control panel, which displays data about the state of the track, the positions of riders, the characteristics of cars and pilots, weather conditions and a dynamic map on which you can track the progress of the race in real time.

The main features, as well as the app itself, are completely free. However, you will have to pay for access to the broadcast of stages, or purchase a full season ticket.