4 best fitness apps for your smartphone

Nike Training Club

The app is rightfully recognized as one of the best. If you are ready to spend 10-15 minutes during registration, answering all the questions about your goals, training level and individual preferences, the app will generate the perfect workout for you. If you don’t like classic fitness, you can find yoga, Boxing, TABATA, and other alternative workouts at Nike Training Club. Recently, friends of the brand, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Serena Williams and other world-famous athletes, began to share their training sessions with the app’s users. Quickly download the app and start training!

Adidas Training

In terms of functionality, the app from Adidas is in no way inferior to Nike Training. It’s more a question of your personal preferences and which of these brands you wear for training. A huge selection of workouts for every taste and level of physical fitness, progress trackers and a lot of motivation. The more you “chat” with the app, answering all the questions and evaluating the complexity and effectiveness of each workout, the better it will work for you.


In the app, you can choose existing workouts or create your own from your favorite exercises. In the settings, you can choose the goal: weight loss, weight gain, maintaining shape, increasing endurance, and many others. Set notifications that will not allow you to shirk from sports and will persistently remind you of each new workout. Mark your progress in a special tracker and share it with your friends (if they also install the app) – it’s more fun together!

30 Day Fitness

This app will literally do everything for you (except for the actual workout itself): ask about your goals and fitness level, select exercises, make a training plan, and even regularly remind you about these workouts so that you do not forget about them. The technique of each exercise is recorded on video so that you perform everything correctly — with maximum efficiency and without the risk of injury. The app has a convenient progress tracker, which clearly shows all your progress. Isn’t success the best motivation?