5 best apps with a sports training program

Freeletics Bodyweight

Freeletics includes hundreds of workouts that cover different muscle groups and fitness levels. All exercises are designed only for working with your own weight and are provided with step-by-step instructions. Paid users get access to future training sessions, analysis of their performance, as well as the “2×2” training mode, which requires very little space for training. Available for Android and iPhone.


Today, there are many seven-minute training programs available. However, one of the best is Seven from Perigee. It offers to train 7 minutes a day for 7 months using a special tracker to track results. All exercises are aimed at working out the whole body, and special 3D-guides will help you to perform each of them correctly. To have some fun, you can challenge your friends for a small friendly competition. The paid 7 Club for $ 10 per month will provide individual lesson plans. Available for Android and iPhone.


Sworkit is versatile and incredibly diverse. For each session, it randomly generates a new set of exercises. First you need to choose what you want to do: build strength, do yoga, cardio, stretching, Pilates. Then, after you specify the desired duration, Sworkit will create an individual program for you that will not let you get bored, as it usually happens with regular classes. The premium version gives you even more functionality: choosing between exercise options, training history, and the ability to monitor your progress. Available for Android and iPhone.


JEFIT.com it will appeal to those people who want to do weight training and bodybuilding. It has a large database of training programs sorted by muscle groups. There are detailed instructions, a built-in scheduler, an exercise log, a progress tracker, numerous timers, and syncing with your profile on the JEFIT website. Available for Android and iPhone.


Keelo focuses on short, high-intensity interval training that doesn’t take much time, but does burn a lot of calories. It covers the entire range of activities – from training only with your own weight to basic weights and gym equipment. No matter what you have planned, it will only take 7-20 minutes. Video instructions simplify the task, and integration with Apple Health allows you to share data with other fitness apps. The premium subscription starts at $ 13 a month and provides additional features such as unlocking all workouts, warm-UPS, a relaxation exercise, and public chat with like-minded people. Available only for iPhone.

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