5 free home workout apps

Contains calisthenics exercises and programs, but some may require inventory. Correct execution is shown in the video by professional trainers. Exercises vary in complexity and user training; you can upload your own or use someone else’s.

Cardio, HIIT and Aerobics
Interval training with the ability to customize the duration of the exercise and recovery phases, as well as select exercises. There are some light cardio workouts, from which you can gradually move on to more intense exercises. The application is able to count the burned calories based on the body parameters of a particular user. The developer Fitify has other sports apps for training specific body parts and with different fitness tools.

Tabata. Interval workouts at home
A 4-minute workout fits perfectly into short breaks during work or between chores. There are workouts for pulling up different parts of the body, burning fat, you can also put together your own program. Among other things, the user has a timer, calorie counter, statistics, music, integration with Google Fit.

Freeletics – Workout & Fitness. Body Weight App
One of the most popular fitness apps. Lots of bodyweight exercises that you can do anywhere. You can choose ready-made programs or compose your own. Each exercise is accompanied by a video on how to perform it correctly. For convenience, timers and counters are built in. There is also a paid subscription with the development of an individual fitness plan.

iGym Pro
iGym Pro is a complete electronic trainer. The lesson diary allows you to monitor progress, make schedules. Paid programs to achieve specific goals. Graphs and charts that display training statistics help you track your progress. A wide range of ready-made training programs. If you wish, you can create your own, taking into account the result you want to get. The timer will allow you to control the time allotted for training and enter the data of each approach in an individual log. A huge selection of exercises for working out different muscle groups with a description of the execution technique and illustrations. The ability to schedule classes for the week.

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