8 free apps for doing sports at home

Personal trainer for daily circuit training

Sworkit Lite is a very convenient application for sports with a lot of exercises. You choose the type of workout (stretching, yoga, strength training, etc.), specify the time, and videos with real athletes appear on your screen showing you the exercises. The app saves your results and reminds you of your workouts every day.

Platform: iOS, Android

Improving the shape

The Nike Training Club app was designed specifically for girls, so men are asked to step aside. To start training, you need to choose a goal — slimness, tone, strength — and according to it, you get access to a huge number of exercises. Each workout consists of several different exercises, which are accompanied by step-by-step instructions with photos or videos.

Platform: iOS, Android

7-minute workout

The app is designed for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time training. 7-minute exercises will help to get your body and body in good shape. The app is accompanied by a voice guide and pictures explaining how to perform the exercises.

Platform: iOS, Android

Making a lesson plan

The “30 days” app develops a 30-day training program for you. For example, you decided to start keeping the bar in the morning. On the first day, you do this exercise as much as you can, and then this app makes a program for a month, gradually increasing the load.

Platform: iOS, Android

Perfect body

This is a real treasure for those who are trying to lead a healthy lifestyle. The app is made in the form of an encyclopedia, where you can find a lot of useful information. Separate exercises for men and women, a training program, and so on – all this will be available to you. The app can work offline – this is a big plus.

Platform: iOS


In the app “Yoga club” you will find free video tutorials and yoga exercise schemes in excellent quality. A large range of classes is designed for both beginners and those who are just an ACE in this business.

Platform: iOS

Daily training

The app contains fast and effective video exercises for men and women. All you need to do is launch the video and start practicing. The class is conducted by a certified trainer.

Platform: iOS, Android

Training in the form of a game

The Teemo app is designed as a fun and adventure game. To start the exercises, you will need to register in the program using Facebook, the developers do not offer any other options. After that, you will have access to all tasks, such as “Climb mount Everest” (although in fact you will be walking on the stairs). The progress of the exercises will be displayed using a special icon.

Platform: iOS

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