Application for sports

Sworkit is a comprehensive application that contains a huge number of types of training with detailed video tutorials. The user is only required to select one of the types of training or a specific exercise that they want to perform, after which they set the time of the session and start the process itself. Repeat all the steps for the trainer from the video to not just perform the exercise, but to do it correctly. Sworkit does not force you to rework your schedule and follow each lesson exactly. The app adapts to the user, and the person chooses the number and duration of training sessions.

As for the exercises themselves, they are divided into categories. For example, yoga lovers will find a lot of different activities that apply to strength training, cardio, and regular stretching. The developers of Sworkit have made it so that the exercises from each workout are combined for maximum efficiency of loads. At the same time, you do not have to buy additional equipment or go to the gym, because everything can be done at home. Sworkit is distributed on a paid basis, so we recommend that beginners download a trial version for a week and check whether This app is suitable for continuous use.

JEFIT is an application that is suitable for both novice athletes and experienced visitors to the gym. In this solution, the user will find a set of exercises for certain situations. For example, you can train at home without auxiliary equipment, or choose classes in the gym using barbells, dumbbells, and other tools. After selecting the appropriate structure, the user can immediately get acquainted with the entire list of exercises present. Each of them is accompanied by a thematic picture, text, and an explanatory video from professionals that will help you perform the exercise correctly.

You can set your own training time and make a list of the exercises you want to perform right now. JEFIT will track the time and number of approaches, which will allow you to collect extensive statistics and display a graph for a month or any other period. When choosing classes, pay attention to the “Exercises” tab. In it, you will find a filter by muscle group and will be able to choose the appropriate exercises. Distributed by JEFIT for free, but unfortunately, the program does not have a Russian language, so you will have to deal with the text instructions in English.

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