Best apps for sports at home 2020

1. Fitbit Coach
You may not be wearing a Fitbit smartwatch, but this company still offers a similar app for those who want to track their activity and stay in shape. You can use the app for video and audio training sessions designed for the gym, at home, or on the street. You can also count on personalized recommendations based on your physical condition data. In a recent update, the app received dynamic Fitstar training content that adapts as you progress, and uses your data from your Fitbit watch to recommend video and new audio workouts based on your fitness level and goals.

+ A large number of training materials
+ Individual activity tracker

2. Nike Training Club
You probably use Nike sports accessories – so you can train with this app, too. The Nike Training Club app contains more than 180 exercises from trainers in categories such as yoga, strength training, and more. The programs in the app are also great. For example, you can create a 4-week fitness program based on your personal goals. If you want to get slim, improve your overall tone, or get stronger, you can choose your preferences, add your level of experience, and Nike Training will take care of the rest by choosing different workouts that really fit. Work out with your own weight at home or a full workout at the gym, from quick sessions to 45 minutes. Additional bonus: content from Nike athletes and personalities such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kevin HART, Serena Williams and others.

+ Content from famous athletes
+ Many training modes

– Does not track health and nutrition

3. 8fit
The goal of 8fit is to provide a comprehensive yet simple fitness app that takes care of all the details for you. You don’t need to count calories yourself, read magazines to get all the latest information about hip flexion stretches or anything like that. It plans your exercises as well as the meals that will accompany you, so you can just pull out your phone, look at it, and do what it says on the screen. This app focuses on TABATA, a high-intensity interval training (crossfit) workout that alternates with intense exercise to maintain your heart rate, and rest periods to keep you moving. 8fit not only makes crossfit exercises more accessible, but also offers nutrition tips to boost your results.

+ Offers ready-made training programs and nutrition modes

– Not suitable for training with equipment