Best home sports apps 2020

  1. Freeletics
    You can skip the gym and all the equipment that is there with impunity with the Freeletics app. It aims to offer a digital personal trainer with familiar CrossFit routines, allowing you to train anytime, anywhere. The information you enter into the settings allows the app to “train” you, suggesting new methods to improve your technique and approach to training. Freeletics’ official website claims that thousands of people have already used Freeletics to lose weight and get stronger. Mobile apps have been downloaded over 11 million times according to the app description.
  • Personalized workout modes
  • Convenient interface for entering personal data
  • No food tracking

2. Fitness buddy
Fitness Buddy is like a virtual personal trainer and nutritionist, with hundreds of workouts you can do at home or in the gym, as well as personalized meal plans and recipes. All exercises contain clear instructions and videos, and progressive workout plans make this app ideal for beginners or advanced athletes. For many people, staying focused and sticking to fitness goals can be challenging. Getting motivated can be especially difficult if you’re new to it. Tracking progress and finding new treatments can also be a big hurdle. However, the Fitness Buddy app helps you get rid of searches and keeps you motivated.

  • Availability of training videos
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Individual recommendations
  • Only in English

3. Seven
If you have seven minutes a day for fitness – anytime, anywhere, without requiring any equipment, Seven will help you see the first results. With workouts based on scientific research, this app is designed to get the most out of it in no time. The 7 Minute Workout is a high intensity interval training program. In total, you do 12 exercises, each for 30 seconds, with a break of 10 seconds. Exercises include push-ups, triceps lifts, squats, and crunches. Just choose a goal – get in shape, lose weight or get strong – and you can start.

  • Good for beginners
  • You can practice anywhere
  • Short training time
  • Limited set of workouts
  • Does not track food