Sports betting programs will not replace traditional methods of analyzing sports events, but they can be a great help in the work of a betterer. You can use them to automate some routine processes that are difficult to do manually.

Programs for analyzing sports betting are based on mathematical principles and algorithms, keep records of bets, and collect important statistics. Some are able to correct data in live.
Many of them are created in the form of a standard Excel table, which is convenient to capture data and perform the necessary calculations.

Software can be paid or free. Most of the programs are desktop, but some developers release adapted apps for phones with iOS and Android operating systems.

Popular sports betting programs
We present to the reader the rating of applications for smartphones and software for PCs in 2020 (numbering is arbitrary, since this is not the top):

TenAnaliz — the best analytical program for predicting tennis bets. The cost is 6000 rubles for the first year of use + 1200 rubles for renewal.
SportStatic — software that collects Analytics on football and basketball events. Provides fairly accurate forecasts for 6 schemes. You can download the software for free.
Project Rejting is a desktop application that helps you identify how well your soccer teams are defending or attacking.
Fuckbuk — designed for predicting football matches. Initially, the program was paid (1990), but now it can be downloaded for free.
Footbet — helps you identify a clear favorite in a football match. Data is provided as a convenient table.
Infototo — software for calculating potential winnings in the sweepstakes. It is intended for making correct bets.
Footforecast is an analyzer program designed to collect and process statistical data on football matches.
Golplyus is one of the few applications that selects bets for several sports. Information is provided for football, tennis, basketball, and hockey.
Before you buy a specific program, read the reviews of real users and carefully read the description of the software. Not all of them are effective and useful. If the table contains incorrect data, the bankroll is guaranteed to be drained.