Ivan Urgant parodied a casino game

Ivan Urgant on the air of the show “Evening Urgant” on the First channel parodied the gambling process in a land-based casino. The TV host played a scene in the Studio ” gambling house “Crown” ” with guests of the program Marie Vorozhi and Kirill Grebenshchikov. An excerpt of the release is published on YouTube.

Urgant dressed as a casino dealer invited Vorozhi and Grebenshchikov to take part in a mini-quiz with questions about unusual laws of different countries. The actors had to bet on the answer they thought was correct. For the conclusion of the bet, a red and black field with the inscription “Law / Not law”was put on the table with green cloth. To place bets on the field, rolls of toilet paper were used instead of chips, the demand for which increased among the population due to the spread of the coronavirus. For the same reason, the category was named “Korona Gambling house”.

The winners of the quiz were determined according to the rules of betting on equal chances in roulette. If the answer was correct, the guest’s bet was doubled, and if the answer was incorrect, it was taken over by the casino. The winner of the drawing was Kirill Grebenshchikov, who managed to win 12 rolls of toilet paper.

Earlier, footage appeared online of visitors to the private Eltham Terrace Club in London using toilet paper rolls for betting during a poker game.

Commenting on what is happening, the participants of the draw said that they were able to give poker a new meaning and they were able to look at what is happening in the world with a smile. According to the poker players, the idea was born when they discussed how people buy toilet paper in stores and this product suddenly acquired an unprecedented value due to the spread of the coronavirus.