5 free home workout apps

ThenxContains calisthenics exercises and programs, but some may require inventory. Correct execution is shown in the video by professional trainers. Exercises vary in complexity and user training; you can upload your own or use someone else’s. Cardio,

5 free home sports apps

ProFit – Personal Trainer Platform: iOS, Android Pro Fit is intended to replace the personal fitness trainer – this is already stated in the name of the application in the App Store. The developers promise more than


WORKOUT TRAINER The app received the highest score for scientific information and became one of the best in terms of the number of ready-made workouts. There are a lot of exercises for exercising without sports equipment, so

Useful apps for sports

Sworkit Lite Quite a handy program for sports with lots of exercise. The user needs to select the type of training (stretching, yoga, strength and others), specify the time, and videos with athletes will appear on the


The world of sports is varied to the point of impossibility and it is always possible to keep track of everything and always only if you are sitting at the screen all day and night. If you

Best home sports apps 2020

FreeleticsYou can skip the gym and all the equipment that is there with impunity with the Freeletics app. It aims to offer a digital personal trainer with familiar CrossFit routines, allowing you to train anytime, anywhere. The

3 best gym workout apps

When training in the gym, it is difficult to keep in memory information about the number of workouts, approaches and exercises performed. The regularity of classes and tracking the load are important criteria for obtaining results. Working

6 free home workout apps

Freeletics – Workout & Fitness. Body Weight AppOne of the most popular fitness apps. Lots of bodyweight exercises that can be done anywhere. You can choose ready-made programs or compose your own. Each exercise is accompanied by

How to Pick a Good Sports Betting App? Bookmaker for Android and iOS

Bookmaker mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for most bettors. About 80% of bets are made from phones – through the mobile version of the site or application. In this article, we will analyze how to


Fitbit Coach Rating: 5.0 A well-known American manufacturer of wearable fitness electronics makes sure that branded gadgets are equipped with branded SOFTWARE. The Fitbit Coach app is a kind of extension of the functions of the original