Top 3 sports betting programs


World-class software that is used mainly by bookmakers and high-roller players. The brand is owned by Sportradar. Among the clients of such BCS as: Bet365, Sbobet, WilliamHill, Winline, Marathon, etc.A mere mortal bettor can not afford the product line of Betradara. The numbers called in the network vary, but it is obvious that the final cost of the SOFTWARE depends on the final configuration. For example, a full package of tools will cost at least$ 15,000, and the statistical database can be purchased separately for$ 1,500 and paid for monthly updates.

You can find out more about BetRadar‘s features on The official website it is Gratifying that there is a demo version for most modules. Some tools have a browser version, meaning you don’t have to download the SOFTWARE to your computer and install it as a normal program.

An incomplete list of what tools can be ordered on “Betradar»:

pre-match and live odds monitoring service;
statistical base – 40 sports, 1900 tournaments, including 500 football leagues;
infographics for live;
live results;
live broadcast;
The average bettor can use the demo versions of BetAssist and the statistics database to their advantage. The first product calculates the probabilities of major outcomes, totals, etc.based on the results of previous games. This is an excellent substitute for any Excel tables. The negative trial is only for football and basketball. But the database of statistics, even in its stripped-down version, will satisfy the most demanding client: tournament tables, scorers, success of the game at home/away, personal meetings, etc.


This is a company that develops and provides software for betting shops and online casinos. Together with Betradar, BetConstruct shares the lion’s share of the global gambling market in the field of providing statistical information to the betting company. Official website –

The company’s clients are: Fonbet, Betcity, Dafabet, Vbet and other bookmakers. To put it mildly, not everyone can open a betting shop and pay about 20-30000 euros for the corresponding software, but a major player can easily afford to pay 1000 euros a month for an exhaustive database of sports statistics. In this case, you will be on a par with online bookmakers in terms of awareness. On the site anyone can evaluate the trial:

16 sports;
language English;
General information about the tournament, tables, history of personal meetings;
recent matches, team statistics, etc.

Geeks Toy

Another bot program for professional trading on betting exchanges: Betfair, Betdaq, Matchbook. This is a development of the British company Talented Mavericks Limited. The software is allowed for use by the management of exchanges. The trial version of the SOFTWARE can be downloaded on the official website of the project – trial Time is limited to 14 days. The advantage over “Fairbot” is the presence of Russian language, including help on working with the bot.

However, the program is more demanding to the system: Windows 7, 8, 10, 1.6 ghz processor, 1 GB of RAM. There is a version for Apple Mac. The price of the license is very affordable:

3 months – 20 British pounds;
1 year – 60 pounds;
modules for trading on Betdaq and Matchbook are completely free of charge
The latter is explained by the relatively low popularity of these exchanges against the background of Betfair.