TOP 5 best sports apps for Android

Endomondo Sports Tracker
This program, like many other sports trackers, was intended exclusively for running enthusiasts at the time of its introduction. However, over time, it added more and more features, and gradually Endomondo has become a convenient tool for recording almost any of your physical activity. Add to this the social component, the presence of clients for all popular platforms, audio coach, the ability to compete with virtual and real opponents, and many other useful features.

The value of this program is that it is a pocket trainer not only for such popular interval training today, but also helps in conducting yoga classes, stretching, warming up before the main part of the workout. All exercises are performed here without the need for any equipment and are never repeated, which will not let you get bored during training. This versatility makes Sworkit the best pocket trainer for training at home.

Nike Training Club
Before us is a full-fledged training complex, which contains plans for more than 60 classes developed by professional athletes and Nike coaches. The total number of exercises presented in the program is more than 100 pieces, most of them are performed only with the weight of their own body. After installing this program and starting training under the guidance of a virtual trainer, you will get detailed descriptions of each complex and its included exercises, including a video demonstration. As you progress, you will receive additional instructions, and even rewards for completing the exercises.

This app is the closest competitor to Endomondo and has approximately the same functionality. Currently, the app is used by more than 25 million people, and this figure shows its quality and capabilities. With this pocket trainer, you will be able to view a detailed history of your training, keep track of your new personal records, and make a detailed training plan. The app has a strong social component, thanks to integration with Facebook and Twitter.

Just 6 Weeks
There are quite a lot of programs in the app store that promise to teach you to do push-UPS 100 times, pull-UPS 20 times, and so on in a short time. Against their background, Just 6 Weeks stands out with a beautiful designed interface, a real progress schedule and versatility, as it contains five of the most basic exercises at once. There is a choice of difficulty level based on the results of the physical fitness test, training schedule with reminders, detailed statistics of exercise performance.