Top Sports Apps for Smartphones

If you love sports, you probably know how diverse the sporting world can be. There are many games, both local and international, that are interesting to catch up on. Some of the best sports apps for smartphones are:


Even though this app is hosted in America, it showcases different sports from all over the world. If you download the ESPN site, you will get information on the latest scores on some of the most popular sports. ESPN also has a live airing of the popular sporting events like the World Cup and Olympics. They also have recorded sports and podcasts that you can listen to on the go.


This platform was developed by a Canadian company and it is popular mostly among Apple users. They also have a version for Android users. This app gives you real-time scores when major teams are playing. You will also get an update anytime a team is preparing to play. Some of the major games where people get notifications on the app include football, baseball, hockey, European soccer, martial arts, golf, and tennis. You also have the option of muting notifications if you want to disengage from the site for a while.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo! Sports app is one of the most popular apps for people who love sports. The app has geolocation that allows it to customize and personalize the games for individuals based on their country of origin. You can spice things up by changing the orientation of the screen and choosing your favourite teams.

Fox Sports

This is the app for people who want to catch up with popular sports. It has a wide reach and users can sign up using their social media handles such as Facebook and Twitter. It allows people who are using the app to have a 360 view of the game, hence giving a feel like they are in the real field.