Useful apps for sports

Sworkit Lite

Quite a handy program for sports with lots of exercise. The user needs to select the type of training (stretching, yoga, strength and others), specify the time, and videos with athletes will appear on the screen, demonstrating a set of exercises. The app stores your results and reminds you of your workouts every day.


Steps is a pedometer that measures the distance traveled and shows your speed. The program is configured independently for each user. For example, the timer automatically stops when you stop, and starts itself when you resume movement. It doesn’t matter where the iPhone is located – in your pocket, on your belt or on your hand. And the convenient design and different colors make it possible at a glance to understand how much you have walked in a day. As you move, the colors will change like dawn, showing your progress. The Pedometer also has a function to calculate the number of calories burned while moving.

For iOS


This application is only indirectly related to sports, but it is no less useful. Lack of water in the body can nullify all your efforts in the gym, so it is very important to maintain the water balance at the right level, which is what this application is responsible for.

For iOS and Android

7 Minute Workout

A set of twelve 30-second exercises, which take 7 minutes to complete. The beginning and end of each approach is accompanied by sounds, so you can safely put your phone aside so as not to be distracted. There are 10 seconds of rest between sets, therefore, despite the short duration, the workout is quite intense. Workout results are saved automatically, even if your phone is not connected to a network.

For iOS and Android

Endomondo Sports Tracker

The program was developed for runners, but it can be called universal: it is used with equal success by cyclists, kayakers and other athletes whose training is related to movement. The program monitors the distance traveled, the speed and duration of the workout, but also calculates the calories burned. And with the Polar WearLink biometric system, your heart rate is monitored.

For Android