Why Smartphones are Overtaking Desktop and Other Devices in Betting

In the present day, most betting companies are moving fast to adapt their sites to mobile devices. Smartphones are becoming especially popular betting gadgets, overtaking computers at a great speed. But what are the reasons for the surge in the use of smartphones as betting gadgets?

Ease of Acquisition

The cost of acquiring a smartphone is much lower compared to that of buying a computer. Well, there are high-end gadgets that cost more than some computers, but then there are others available for people of even the lowest budgets. While a household is likely to have one or a few computers, the chances are that each member has a personal mobile phone.

For this reason, the majority of people accessing the internet do it through smartphones. These devices also use less data and are therefore more efficient for people who want to play from areas that don’t have very strong network signals.

That said, even people who own desktop devices tend to use smartphones more when betting, and therein lies the second reason:


Smartphones can be carried everywhere, so people can be able to enjoy betting sessions on the go. This is unlike desktop gadgets that one has to use while seated at one spot. People can bet using mobile phones when vacationing, travelling or even when watching live games in the stadium.

Ease of Use

The knowledge required to use a mobile phone is much less than what is needed to work with a computer. Furthermore, mobile sites are quite simplified, making them easy to navigate. This makes the smartphone a device of preference for most people when betting and playing casino online.

Dedicated Apps

Mobile apps are the in-thing. Each app is created for a dedicated purpose. This appeals to gamers who can install the betting and casino apps and access them with a single tap from the desktop shortcut.